Devotional – The Queen Life – Day 2

Tuesday March 02, 2021

As a Queen, you have been blessed with The Greatest Gift of All Times; eternal life is available through the ransom sacrifice of the Son of God – Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that when you believe in Jesus; that is, have faith in Him, you will be saved. (St. John 3:16)

You have the wonderful opportunity to trust in One Who is greater than yourself. He, having all power and authority, enables you to Define Your Faith by building a close relationship with your Lord. He is the Vine, and when you abide in Him you bear Good Fruits.

A Woman’s Most Valuable Asset is her relationship with her God. When you spend quality time in the presence of God, you become intimate with Him and cultivate a faith that is of the greatest value.

To have trust in God, is to know Him as He is – He is loving, faithful, just, forgiving, patient and so much more. Your faith is more valuable than money; it is what God responds to so that when you pray believing He will answer.

The QUEEN LIFE involves amassing a treasure of faith so great that the KING can erect a special storehouse reserved especially for you from where He will release every blessing to you as they become due.

Faith has Great Value; Abraham believed God; He trusted in His promise to make him a “Father of Many Nations”. His faith and obedience were counted as righteousness, and Abraham was called God’s friend. (Genesis 15:06).

As a QUEEN, your FAITH is your super power – activate it! Believe in God’s love and plans for you, create a lasting spiritual legacy and change your world. Live the QUEEN LIFE!!! Your KING awaits…BELIEVE!!!


How would you like to increase your faith in God? What is that one thing you desire to believe God for in this season?


Dear Heavenly Father,

Faith is the evidence of the things I hope for; that which my eyes have not yet seen. I desire to be a woman whose faith can move mountains; I know that if I am to have this faith, then I must get to know You better with each passing day. The QUEEN LIFE I am designed to live is available to me when I trust You completely. Help me to increase my faith so that I will believe that nothing is impossible for You. I want the value of my faith to be so great that no price can be put on it. please help me to cultivate that level of faith.

In Jesus’s Name I pray – Amen