Devotional – The Queen Life – Day 10

Friday March 12, 2021

 In reading yesterday’s Devotional – Untold Stories, I couldn’t help but reflect on my childhood days of reading Bible Stories from the animated story books my parents bought for my siblings and I. These Bible story books made the stories in the Bible interesting and easy to understand. After becoming an adult and giving birth to my own children I also bought Bible story books for them, these books are now handed down to my grandchildren.

What a legacy my parents left for me and their generations to come. Surely, they were unaware of the impact their actions would have on me, my children, and my children’s children. I now understand the great value of planting a spiritual seed; it grows into a large tree that gives shade and protection to so many others. My children share how much they were impacted by the Bible Stories they read as children.

As we indulge daily in the stories of the Bible we see how the stories unfold with different characters coming forth and playing their roles adding to the various episodes. The script continues and is narrated by each generation. Would you agree with me that as Daddy’s Little Girls you and I are part of the story being told? The relationship we share with our King is writing a story that is yet to be read; now it is the Untold Story; soon, it will be read and known by many.

Today, we are encouraged to keep that thought fixed firmly in our minds so that we can Make It Happen. What is the “It” of which I speak? “It” is your journey of faith in, and obedience to God. On my faith journey, which spans over thirty years, I have learned that Every Moment Matters. At every point on the journey, I was either enjoying good spiritual health or hurting because of spiritual ignorance. If I may share, the first ten years of my walk was a dark period; I did the best I could to live a Christian, but to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing; I needed help.

In the thirteenth year of my faith walk, I felt so parched and dry in my spirit that I cried out to God for help; I just could not go on the way I was any longer. In His great love, the Lord answered my prayer, and came to my aid. What I learned about God, with the help of the Holy Spirit made the next twenty years of my life quite fulfilling. I no longer feel like I am in a dark place, because I allow Jesus to be my light. As I desire and request His guidance, he is faithful to lead me where I need to go in order to please Him, and fulfill my purpose.

As I encourage you today to Make It Happen, it is because I know that a healthy spiritual life will bring a sense of fulfillment that money cannot buy. Your good health, joy, peace, happiness and prosperity are all tied to your relationship with God. You may already have a close relationship with God, or you may desire to build one with Him. Wherever you are in your faith walk, there is always further distances to travel. There is always that episode of your story that is still Untold. It will be your attentiveness and active participation in the process that will bring the story to life.

I would like to share some practical ways to ensure that the story that is still within you is told; and more so pleases the KING, and will be told to generations to come. 

  • Listen carefully for God’s unique call to follow where He leads.
  • Get to know the character and nature of God through the reading of His word; the Bible. Begin with reading at least 3 times per day.
  • Spend quality time in His presence in meditation, reflection and prayer.
  • Listen as much as you speak to God, He has much to say to you. Let Him know that you desire to hear His voice.
  • Journalize daily – use a journal to record the scriptures you read each day and the experiences you have; the pleasant and not so pleasant ones too.
  • At the end of each week reflect on each day’s reading; think of the Scriptures you read and how they encourage change.
  • Write the lessons you learned for the week in your journal, and write a prayer to God giving thanks and asking for all that you need to be a better version of who you now are.

When we read the Bible, we see these words quite often: “It is Written”. The written words were penned by individuals who heard God’s voice and wrote what He said. This is how we now have the Bible. God is still the same as He was in the days when the content of the Bible was being recorded. Journaling is a Spiritual Principle that God honours; the habit of making daily entries in your journal affords the Spirit of God to interact with your spirit; your records will provide proof of what God said, and when He said it.

Blessed is he that hears the words of this prophecy and keeps those things that are written therein for the time is at hand.

Revelation 1:3

A movie is never filmed without a written script; as you diligently put your thoughts and experiences on paper you are gradually bringing your Untold Story to light; in essence every step you take, and every move you make contribute to the Make It Happen project. You can never tell how each episode will come together, but if you make the record, you will witness and experience God’s love first hand. If you do not write, then you may miss some of the most important moments of your growth and progress.

As you diligently walk the path of faith with your God, and KING, the QUEEN LIFE experiences become a natural part of your life episodes. Seek therefore to gain more and more understanding of your daily life experiences; record them, pray for revelation and insight knowing that God will make all things clearer for you. He wants your life to reflect His glory so He will help you to Make It Happen. You only need to join Him to make your life project a success. There are generations to come waiting to read and hear about it.

The prophet Habakkuk was told by God to:

Write the vision, make it plain upon tables….

Habakkuk 2:2

Dear Queen, let us Make It Happen; may our lives be not simply ordinary; instead, let us allow the KING to influence the script so that a beautiful story unfolds at every moment in our walk and talk with Him



  • How much passion do I have to ensure that my untold story is told?
  • Which of the practical tips shared resonates with me?
  • What will I do to Make It Happen (a successful faith story)?


Dear Heavenly Father,

I worship You for Who You are; I thank You for being the God of True Love; You loved me even before I was born. I know that no matter what is happening in my life, Your love for me will never change. I appreciate that You have called me unto Yourself so that I can become a part of the story that You are writing.

I am grateful for the gift of the Bible with so many characters whose stories help to make faith Journey so much easier. Lord, please help me to walk in faith and obedience to You so that the story my life will tell will be a blessing to others. I know that I cannot achieve this goal by my own efforts; I need Your help to Make it Happen. Thank You for helping me to remain faithful to You so my Untold Story can be told.

In Jesus’s Name I pray – Amen