Devotional – Life in the Palace

by: Shamelia A. Simpson-McKenzie

Wednesday April 14, 2021

A Queen is bold, brave and courageous; her audacity is contagious

Loudness is not always a disturbance, nor unbecoming; sometimes it can be quite attractive, and down right desirous At times we may receive a funny joke on our message feeds, we respond to the sender with “LOL”; translated, it means: “Laugh Out Loud”. While the other person cannot hear you, they can imagine the look on your face; mouth open wide and teeth grinning; maybe even tears coming from your eye, possibly rolling on the floor depending on the intensity of the joke. Laughing is good medicine; we all can appreciate having a good laugh.

Today, we will explore another “LOL”, which in this case means “Live Out Loud”. This Loudness is inspired by faith instead of a good joke; the type of “Loudness” of which I speak is about having the Audacity to believe in God’s love and goodness. The word: Audacity defined means:  willingness to take bold risks. This characteristic is quite valuable, especially when it is expressed in a positive way. Boldness is innate within humans; for the most part, mortals are inherently brave and quite fearless; this is evident in the many successful inventions, and the skills we have mastered over the centuries.

We can say in persons who become well known attain fame by their willingness to be bold; their audacity make them memorable. This same trait is not very common among those who are deemed to be common folks, or ordinary people. However the world sees us, in God’s mind there is nothing ordinary about any of His children; the Scripture teaches that:

I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Psalm 139:14

A Queen is the “wonderful” workmanship of a Mighty God in Whose image she is made; being audacious is second nature for the woman who knows that she is created for greatness and designed for a specific purpose. A woman who will accept her role as a Queen, will also confidently ascend her throne and take her place in the King’s Palace. As she draws closer and closer to her King, she stretches her faith, and dares to Live Out Loud; she will Ask, Seek and Knock, and fearlessly walk through every door that her King opens before her. A Queen knows with all her heart that:

 …the plans that I have for you are plans of good and not of evil; plans to give you hope and a bright future.

Jeremiah 29:11

The Queen keeps this promise at the forefront of her mind at all times; she is confident that God’s plans for her will be fulfilled. Her strong faith compels her to live with a spirit of boldness, and her attitude to life Excites God to the point where He is delighted to respond affirmatively to her faith to believe in Who she knows her God and King to be – faithful and just. In Living Out Loud a Queen exudes the essence of her King in innumerable ways. Her general attitude to life compels her to:

  • Read the Word of God; relying on it as vital necessity; as food for her spirit and nourishment for her soul.
  • Believe what the Word of God promises and proclaims; it is a lamp unto her feet, and a light to her path.
  • Desire to have the mind of Christ and avails herself to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Pray fervently and effectually, and expects that her King will hear and answer her prayers for His glory and her benefit.
  • Understand and embrace her unique purpose so she diligently pursues the path that the Holy Spirit leads her in discovering and fulfilling her purpose.
  • Emulates the faith and obedience Of Jesus Christ, and performs works of righteousness, making her world a better place.

Silence is not an option; a Queen knows the value of her testimony; she is excited about what God is doing in her life and she can’t stay silent. Her “Loudness is attractive because her essence sings praises to her King, and all that she does is worship unto God. She continually tells others of His wonderous works in her life, and encourages them to trust God with all their hearts. The Heart of The Matter is that she is Sold Out to her King. She Asks, Seeks and Knocks, she Dares to Do Right, and her faith Excites God. All that she does is For The King’s Pleasure; she is audacious, she Lives Out Loud.

Go on now Queen, go make some noise…



Dear Heavenly Father,

The new stance I am taking in my life is LOL; I will Live Out Loud, and I will not make any apologies. I will not be silent; no, I will not be quiet; my life and my lips will make a joyful noise unto You, My God and King. Audacity will be my new attitude, and I will live with boldness and courage.

Anything else is totally unacceptable; after all, I was created for greatness, so if my life does not reflect this, then I am not functioning according to my design, and that will not bring You the glory that You are due.

With all my talk about audacity and loudness, I truly need Your help to build and maintain the courage and confidence I desire so that it will last forever. I am aware that all that I desire to do must be done in, and through You if I am to live successfully. Make me to stand by the power of Your Holy Spirit that is within me. May I nourish my spirit with Your word so that I can live as a light in this dark world. may my prayers be fervent and effectual so that You are moved to answer affirmatively. Thank You for all that You will do in and through me…now and forever more. I’m gonna go make some noise…

In Jesus’s Name I pray – Amen

You Know My Name by Tasha Cobbs Leonard

I’m Gonna Be Ready by Yolanda Adams
Open My Heart by Yolanda Adams

Praise Is What I Do by Shekinah Glory Ministries
Grateful by: Hezekiah Walker