Devotional – January 15, 2021

by: Shamelia Simpson-McKenzie

Her Faith Receipts


The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field... (St. Matthew 12:44)

Receipts from a purchase can be either garbage, or treasure; it depends on how the purchase decision works out. Recently I purchased two photo frames at one of my favourite stores. I had accidentally broken a photo frame I had, and needed a replacement. When I got home I immediately opened one of them and placed the photograph in it. The second frame was not immediately needed, but the paper insert had an inspiring quote, so I decided to place it on the opposite side of the other frame.

Now I had an empty bag, the packaging from the frames, and the receipt for the purchase. I went over to the garbage can to throw them all away, and a thought came to my mind to save the receipt, so I folded the bag with the receipt inside, and tucked it away. I was quite happy with the purchase so I was sure the receipt would not be needed. Yet experience taught me better than to ignore an impression on my spirit, even if it didn’t make logical sense.

The next morning, I walked passed the frame that still had the original insert and realized that it was coming apart at the top corner; the frame was damaged. I had thrown away the wrapper and immediately headed to the garbage can to retrieve it. You know exactly what will happened next; yep, you’re right!! I was taking it back to the store.

That same day I did, with receipt in hand I entered the store and asked for a manager who could assist me with my exchange. I was directed to one who was close by who checked the receipt, and asked if I intended on getting a replacement. I sure did, so I walked to the aisle where the photo frames were and chose a new one. This time I examined the frame closer to ensure that it didn’t have any obvious fault; I then headed back to the manager who opened the package, checked it thoroughly, and handed it to me, along with my receipt.

Today’s Devotional Topic is: Her Faith Receipts. You may be asking how a store receipt has anything to do with faith? Stay with me for a little longer and we will take the adventure together. In yesterday’s Devotional, titled: Defining Her Faith, we explored how women can experience God in a real way. We were encouraged to take a focused approach to our relationship with God in a way that will define the faith we have in Him, much like Abraham, and Sarah. 

The focus Scripture for today is:

That your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.

1 Corinthians 2:5

Let’s talk a bit more about the receipt situation. What do you believe would have happened if I had not accepted the receipt from the cashier at the time of purchase, or I threw it out after leaving the store, and then realized that the frame was damaged? I know that I may have been able to get a replacement, even without the receipt, but the process would not have gone as smoothly. I know for sure, based on the store’s return policy that I would have had to show my identification, complete a form, and endure an internal check to verify if the item was sold on the date I claimed to have bought it. That would have been quite a hassle, wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s look at this through a spiritual lens. On the subject of faith, let us take a journey with some of the Bible greats: Noah, Abraham and Sarah, Hannah, Samuel’s mother, Moses, David, King of Israel, Ruth, Naomi’s daughter-in-law, Esther, Mordecai’s niece. All these persons has records of a faith journey they took with God; of these persons, it can be said that they believed God to fulfill a promise and then kept their Faith Receipts when they were fulfilled. What do I mean? Let us examine each character’s relationship with God and see if we can identify a “specific hope” that each of them had. Did their faith rest on the wisdom of men, or the power of God? Let’s explore each character’s hope story:

  1. Noah’s hope was to build the ark God instructed him to construct with accuracy so he could be saved from the imminent flood.
  2. Abraham and Sarah’s hope was to receive the gift of a child.
  3. Hannah’s hope was to bear a child.
  4. Moses’s hope was to successfully save the nation of Israel from Pharaoh’s oppression, and lead them to the Promised Land.
  5. David’s hope was to defeat Goliath, and to protect Israel from their enemies.
  6. Ruth’s hope was to be redeemed by a kinsman redeemer and to be remarried.
  7. Esther’s hope was to have the favour of the King, her husband, to save her people from annihilation.

What about you; do you has a specific hope you are expecting God to respond to? In looking closely at the experience of each of the persons mentioned, can you identify a common thread? I do, what I see is that the “hope” each of the characters had was “specific” and “unique”. In being realized, they would bring a level of wholeness, completion, peace and calm to their lives in one way or another.

I can also identify a “consistence” in the God’s nature to always be working towards fullness in a way that gives joy, satisfaction and happiness to His people. I would say that a “receipt” was issued to each of the Bible Characters mentioned; they had believed God to fulfill that which they hoped for , and it was delivered as promised. In reading about their experiences we have proof that they bought into the faithfulness of God, and was not disappointed.

Is there something that you are believing God for? If you are, I encourage you to write it down in the form of an earnest prayer to God. Be sure to tell Him that you are prepared to trust Him to bring it to pass in His timing. I believe that this topic: Her Faith Receipts is extremely important for us as women, because our investment in a relationship with God should bear fruit so that we have tangible evidences of the trust we have in Him. It should be that in believing God, we are receiving from Him all that we want and need. In my personal walk with God, I have learned that He does not expect us to live blindly with no specific focus, nor expectation. He wants us to have dreams and desires. The proof of His plans for His children is revealed in Scripture:

The plans I have for you…are plans of good, and not of evil. Plans to give you hope and a bright future

Jeremiah 29:11

The plans and hope of which the Bible speaks is a specific plan, and a specific hope; one that is unique to you alone. This plan God will reveal to you, and He will be sure to fulfill it for your benefit, happiness, peace and joy. That will be your Faith Receipt. This then will mean that you will need to be active and deliberate in your Faith Journey so that you will enjoy the blessings that God desires to bestow upon you as the reward for trusting Him – those record will generate your Faith Receipts.

It is important to note that you will by no means have only one receipt; there are several layers of needs, desires and plans that God will attend to; hence you may need something bigger than your purse to save the receipts. Ensure then that the next time you visit the Kingdom Mall, enter into the Faith Store, and choose items from as many shelves and in as many aisles as you need to. Then connect to God so He can direct you towards fulfillment- when the promises are fulfilled, save the receipts.

Each encounter with God, each fulfilled promise will have a special value to you, and also to God. He will take pleasure working out His purpose for you, and fulfill all His promises to you. Know with all your heart that your faith rests only on the power of God, and not on the wisdom of men. Go on into the Faith Store and …SHOP TIL YOU DROP!!!


Dear Heavenly Father,

Faith is an awesome gift; having faith in You is priceless. It may be that I do not fully understand the value faith for what is is; but I know that I want to have more of it. The Bible reveals that You were faithful to those who believed in You, and hoped for what You revealed to them, but they could not yet see. They received proof of their Faith Receipts, and I want mine too.

I want the life that You have in mind for me, so please reveal Your plans and purpose for my life. I also need faith to believe that I deserve to have Your best, and that You will guide me on the path to experiencing fulfillment of Your promises.

I am ready to start collecting my Faith Receipts, so please give me the wisdom I will need as I enter the Faith Store to choose from the shelves and aisles that will cause me to build a solid and unmovable faith in You.

I look forward to compiling my Faith Receipts as I experience Your love for me, and Your power in me. Thank you in advance for hearing and answering my prayer.

I pray in Jesus’s Name. Amen

Go shopping and collect as many FAITH RECEIPTS as you desire, then create storage for them.
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