Devotional – Life in the Palace

by: Elaine Simpson

Tuesday April 13, 2021

A Queen is diligent to make her requests known by her King

A Queen is blessed with the privilege of Living in the Palace of her King. What a great blessing we have to know that as the King’s Daughters, we can tabernacle with Him; we have unlimited access to communicate with the King  for twenty four hours of each day. From His Word, the Bible, we are able to feast from His table, and as our spirits are fed, we also enjoy health in our bodies, and peace in our minds. In embracing God for Who He is, we come face to face with His love for us and are confident that we can Ask, Seek and Knock.

Whatever we have need of, our King is able and willing to supply them; all we need to do is ASK. Whenever we have are unsure about a matter, and need clarity; all we need to do is SEEK. Whenever we would like to enter into the presence of our King, and enjoy His company, we KNOCK. Jesus understood very well the love of God to avail Himself to His children; He enjoyed un-interrupted fellowship with His Heavenly Father because He made it a practice to Ask, Seek and Knock.

In teaching His Disciples about being the importance of being “hungry” for all that our Heavenly Father has to give to His children, Jesus charged them by saying:

So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you: seek and you will find knock and the door will be opened to you.

St. Matthew 7:7-8

In the book of Esther, we learned that it was forbidden to attempt to meet with the King without being summoned to do so; it could even cost a person’s life. Even as the wife of the King, being His Queen, Esther could only see her husband when he desired and permitted; if she broke protocol, it cost her life if she refused to see him when he summoned her.

There was time that Queen Esther desired to see her husband, the King; before she did, she fasted and prayed to God petitioning Him to grant her favour so she could make her request. ( Esther 3:15-16). In our world today, in order to meet with the head of a nation, there are many channels we must go through; and depending on who you are and the business you wish to discuss, meeting that leader may be virtually impossible.

We belong to the Creator of the Universe, the Sovereign King over all the earth, and in His great love for us, He gives us unlimited access to Himself. Even when sin threatened to separate us from Him, He made provision for our forgiveness through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Who broke down the wall that prevented us from entering into the presence of God. We are free to enjoy the presence of our God, and King.

In His presence is where we experience joy, peace and happiness; we are able to get all our questions answered; all our confusion addressed and gain access to all the places we desire to enter. As Queens. Life in the Palace involves being curious about what is on the mind of the King, and to seek to find out what He would have us to do each day to enjoy all that He has in store for us. The prayers we make will inspire the work we do, and the result will be that the Kingdom of God will advance and we will benefit from all the blessing that is promised.

The reward of adhering to the teaching of Jesus cannot be over stated; our survival and peace depends on whether or not we will take Jesus’s advice to Ask, Seek, and Knock. Here is the promise:

 …for they will be a people blessed by the LORD—they and their descendants with them.  Even before they call, I will answer, and while they are still speaking, I will hear.

Isaiah 65:23-24

In the Kingdom prayers and intercession are important; in habitually doing these, we perfect the art to ask, and keep asking, seek and keep seeking; knock and keep on knocking. You see Queens, our God and King created to have fellowship with Him. He is delighted when we desire His company and make it a practice to be in His presence. We enjoy God’s love, and we learn to love Him back; we delight in His favour, and He delights in our faith and obedience; this is a relationship that

The King wants your heart; when He has it, He has the space to act and move on your behalf. The Heart of The Matter is that you are Sold Out to your King. When you Ask, Seek and Knock, you are Exciting God; when you Dare to Do Right it is For The King’s Pleasure ; the keys to the Kingdom will be placed in your hands and you will be equipped to enjoy eternity with your God and King.



Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the expression of Your love to call me to be your daughter, your  Queen. Lord I know that there is so much more that I need to know about living in the Palace; as You have instructed me in Your word to Ask, Seek and Knock, please help me to master the art.

I know that in order to receive clarity from You, I need to be attentive by living in Your Presence, so that I can know what is in Your heart. Sometimes Lord as a Queen life can become really busy, please help me to stay in the center of Your will so that when I knock and you open doors, I will be able to walk through them to bring You glory.

Thank You for helping me to keep on asking so that You can  reveal Your plans for me, and make clear the paths I am to take. You said in Your word that the plans You have for me are good and not evil; they are to bring me peace and a bright future. I thank You that my future is in Your hands and You will guide me each day until it is a reality. I appreciate Your love for me.

In Jesus’s Name I pray – Amen

Nobody Greater by VaShawn Mitchell

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